Homeroom Extended to Discuss Bullying and Class Registration

Homeroom Extended to Discuss Bullying and Class Registration

By Ally Daskalopoulos

logoStudents are scheduled to have a two hour homeroom on Thursday, January 24, to discuss registration with counselors and to raise bullying awareness.

Students will meet at 8:10 and then proceed to their first period classes at 10:10.

“For years students and staff have asked why we don’t do more programs that support the basic themes addressed during the Freshman NAMES assembly. So tomorrow offers different opportunities to do that. 9th and 10th grade homerooms will hold discussions around bullying based on watching a series of video clips from John Quinone’s “What Would You Do?” Series on television. Some select Soph homerooms will meet in the blackbox to watch and discuss clips of student interviews about issues of race, religion, and racism,”principal Kaine Osburn wrote in an email.

Students will be meeting in different locations and will be discussing different topics.

“Junior homerooms will watch and discuss a documentary called “Miss Representation” which is about detrimental images of women in the media. Seniors will meet with me in the auditorium then hear from Jim DiNomie, a Native American who will talk about images of Native Americans and issues surrounding the use of Native American imagery,” Osburn wrote.