Students to Participate in Journey Event

By Colene Gibson

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On Friday, Feb. 18, Niles West is scheduled to host Journey: an event based off of the Respect Summit (hosted two years ago) that will provide classes for students to learn about a variety of hobbies and issues.

There will be three sessions of classes with topics ranging from yoga to law to backpacking through Europe along with a mini-version of the International Fest.  Students can register for classes at from Feb. 2 to Feb. 9.

Students can choose a maximum of two classes and spend at least one session watching the mini-version of the International Fest.  That is unless they chose one class that lasts for two to three session periods. (Some classes will be taking field trips.)  Students who fail to register for classes will be assigned to any sessions with remaining availability.

Students will be following a special schedule the day of Journey. The day will begin with Homeroom so students can receive their schedules.  They will then continue onto three sessions.  Students will go to all class periods that day as well, but the class periods will only last 23 minutes each.

Homeroom: 8:10-8:20
Session A: 8:30-9:15
Session B: 9:25-10:10
Session C: 10:20-11:05
Period 1: 11:15-11:38
Period 2: 11:43-12:06
Period 3: 12:11-12:34
Period 4: 12:39-1:02
Period 5: 1:07-1:30
Period 6: 1:35-1:59
Period 7: 2:04-2:27
Period 8: 2:32-2:55
Period 9: 3:00-3:23

Snacks will be provided for students, but given that lunch periods are later in the day, students are encouraged to bring snacks for themselves as well.

Since students enjoyed the Respect Summit two years ago, Niles West decided to continue the idea of the event, but with a few changes said Student Activities Director, Jessica Ogulnik.  Rather than speakers coming to speak to students at Niles West, the faculty has organized the different classes to help students get to know the teachers and to avoid the expenses from the Respect Summit.

In addition, the mini-version of the International Fest will be performed.  Groups that would normally be performing three to four numbers will only present one for Journey.