Annual Rose Sale to Begin Thursday

By Milana Pehar

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Dance Marathon is selling roses outside the cafeteria during lunch periods Thursday, Jan. 31  through Wednesday, Feb. 13 for Valentine’s Day.

Dance Marathon sponsor Jessica Ogulnik believes that students can send roses for many reasons.

“People should send roses to one another if they want to help a charity, if they have friends, or if they have someone they care about for Valentine’s Day,” Ogulnik said.

All of the proceeds made from the roses will go to Rustic Nature Falls Camp, a camp that tailors to cancer survivors, at risk-youth, and mentally challenged kids and adults.

The roses will be delivered on Valentine’s Day during homeroom.

“Dance Marathon executives and morale captains will be delivering the roses during homeroom, and if there enough orders we will use the help of dancers as well,” senior Dance Marathon executive Anna Zapala said.

The roses are bought from Costco. One rose is $3 and two roses are $5.