“The Illinois 5 Essential Survey” All Students Should Take

By Giovanna Zavell

Principal Kaine Osburn sent an email to Niles West students and staff members regarding a survey called “The Illinois 5 Essential Survery” from the The University of Chicago which is open now through March 31.

This survey issued by The University of Chicago is designed to give schools inside information on how well the school is working. It is sent to all of the high schools in Illinois. The survey is based on five indicators: effective leaders, collaborative teachers, inclusive families, supportive environments, and ambitious instruction.

“It’s important for teachers and students to take this survey because their feedback is most valuable because they, [teachers and students], are the ones working and attending Niles West,” Osburn said.

This particular survey has been developed over twenty years so that results are able to tell schools which area needs improvement. All schools in the Illinois area are required by the Illinois State Board of Education to distribute this survey.

“If we can get 50%percent of the student population to take the survey, I will take a seat in the dunk tank and allow students to dunk me during the spring pep assembly,” Osburn said.

It is important that Niles West along with other schools get the 50 percent feedback because it shows up on the schools report card. If a school were to get less, or not distribute the survey at all, it would not look good on the school’s report card, according to Osburn.