Dinner With the Principal Held to Discuss Issues with Parents

Dinner With the Principal Held to Discuss Issues with Parents

By Hafsa Wahid

K_Osburn.thumbnailNiles West is scheduled to host the annual Dinner with the Principal event on Wednesday April 3 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the South Lobby.

It  is an event where parents are given the opportunity to meet with Niles West’s principal Kaine Osburn. They are able to voice their concerns and questions along with hearing about new updates from the school.

“The purpose is to bring parents together to share with them important news from the school, to seek their feedback on important issues, to enlist their support regarding certain matters, and to hear their concerns,” Osburn said.

This is the last year Osburn will be the principal at Niles West, making this the last dinner he will host. Osburn says he will miss these kinds of events.

“I am sad this is my last dinner with parents.  It was a parent that had the idea for holding these dinners, and I have found that the most successful ideas for promoting community and communication have come from students, staff, and parents.  I will miss these opportunities to speak with parents, especially since I have come to known them and their kids in a way that will no longer be available to me in my new job,”  Osburn said.