IRC to Host National Library Week


By Rebecca Yun

In an effort to promote reading for fun, the IRC is scheduled to hold its annual National Library Week during the week of April 15 .

The theme this year is “Drop Everything and Read”. Library Week is a national celebration of all libraries, whether they be a school library or a public library. It is ALA (American Library Association) sponsored and there is always a theme, but Niles West usually ignores the theme and makes its own.

“It is hard to pick a favorite part about Library Week because there are so many,” librarian Sherry Baehr said. “I love when the teachers dedicate the new books [because] I see new teachers and their appreciation for the resources that we have. It’s a fun day and it builds anticipation with students. It acts as a kick-off of sorts to Niles West.”

Each day of the week has a different theme. On Tuesday, the theme will be “Drop Everything and Eat”, where teachers and staff are invited to the IRC to eat cake, sign bookplates to dedicate one of the IRC’s  new books. On Wednesday, the Advance Theatre Studio Class will be performing a sneak preview of their upcoming showcase “Portraits: 30 in 60.” Classes are encouraged to come down to watch the show. On Thursday, author Nancy Grossman will talk about her book, A World Away.

“I want students to see the library as a place where you can feel comfortable, as a warm welcome place. The purpose of the Library Week is to show appreciation for what resources we have as a library,” Baehr said.

Senior Yanique Gray said that the event is a good thing for the school to host.

“I think it’s wonderful.  We get to do lots of stuff like make incredible bookmarks.  I’ve never seen stuff like this before.  You can just come in and read or if you’re not in to all this stuff you can come and study as well.  It’s really wonderful” she said.