Senior Supplement Winners Announced!

Senior Supplement Winners Announced!

By Ivana Kosir

Here are the winners of the 2013 senior supplement categories! Thank you to all who participated.

Best Dressed: Robert Marohn and Lily Chatman

Best Hair: Nick Michaelesko and Vera Ratner

Best Smile: Courtney McGee and Jessie Simkins

Best Selfies- Sneh Sukhadia and Dylan Lanoff

Bromance: Robert Svaia and Jack Thornton

Best Friends: Dylan Lanoff and Amanda Shafer

Most School Spirited: Dustin Dumanlang and Katie McDonagh

Best Personality: Max Collins and Evangeline Alpogianis

Best Laugh: Simon Kim and Lara Dankha

Best Sense of Humor: Michael Gonzales and Shana Nissan

Cutest Couple: Jake Glotzer and Evangeline Alpogianis

Most Talented in the Arts: Jason Lupas and Riana Vujovich

Most Athletic: Vaughn Monreal-Berner and Molly Kleppin

Most Intelligent: Patrick Liscio and Sheryl Cherian

Favorite Teachers: Mr. Wack and Mrs. Schmidt

Most Attractive: George Webb and Katherine Hornung

Most Opinionated: Cody Inglesby and Vera Ratner

Most Changed Since Freshman Year: Tarik Ceric and Sondra Vujovich

Most Likely to Be Successful: Patrick Liscio and Sheryl Cherian

Most Sarcastic: Jack Thornton and Mary Mirza

Most Likely to Be Arrested for Gotcha: Sam Conrad and Mary Mirza

Most Likely to Be Late to Graduation: Bobby Tran and Nicholle Fourkas

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day: Alex Darville and Jessie Simkins

Most Likely to End Up on a Reality TV Show: Faris Karaman, Zack Mubark and JeanneMarie Mandley

Worse Case of Senioritis: Cody Inglesby and Jackie Dalzell

Teachers’ Pet: Justin Sia and Ellie Weil