It’s Time to get Involved!

It's Time to get Involved!

By Fatima Farha

Hello, Niles West! Welcome to the new school year. It’s a new beginning, and while the year is young, delve into the daily grind of school with a positive attitude. Many of us( seniors), are just ready to finish off the year with a blast, while the freshmen are trying to begin…fresh. Whether or not this is your first year of high school, last year of high school, or you’re just enjoying sophomore and junior year, the beginning of a new year is an amazing time to get involved in the many clubs and activities that Niles West has to offer!

There’s a myriad of extracurriculars; so many, that it’s difficult to not find one right for you. There are the academic ones, such as Math Team, Science Olympiad, and Debate. If you want something more artistic, there’s our award-winning Fine Arts department, which includes Choir, Band, Orchestra, and Theatre. These clubs are always welcoming new people, so don’t hesitate to join!

Niles West is also home to numerous cultural clubs. There’s the Indo-Pak Club and Chinese Club, and the religious clubs such as Qur’an Study and H2O. If you’re into philanthropy, check out Relay for Life and Dance Marathon. There’s no shortage of environmental clubs either; N.A.R.W.H.A.L.S club and Go Green Club are quite popular. There are many fun and creative clubs as well, such as the new Cat Juggling Club, HipHop Club, Ski Club, Master Jedi/Sci-Fi club, Cooking Club, and Student Government.

Of course, there are also the media clubs. This involves Expressions, the creative writing club, along with Spectrum, which consists of designing the yearbook. And there’s also our very own NWN, which is news media, both broadcasting and writing. The NWN is always interested in welcoming new writers, broadcasters, and photographers.

Yes, it’s a lot. There are over 90 clubs here at Niles West so there are obviously many genres with many different types of clubs. The numerous amount allows you to choose without frustration — so choose! Get involved, become a part of a club and join in on the fun. Being a part of many extracurricular activities is not only fun and active, but it also will be a great piece of information to put on your resume for college applications. It’s also never too late in high school to make new friends, and just by going to a meeting can introduce you to people you may have never known, but can instantly connect with.

Don’t hesitate. Check out the 10th period club schedule to see when and where your club of interest will be meeting, and go! There’s no harm in trying something out. This goes out to the freshmen especially — don’t be afraid to walk into a club meeting and check it out. There’s always room for more, and everyone is very welcoming. Now is the best time to get started on being involved in your school. Make sure to stay updated on the 10th period section to find out more about these clubs and activities!

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