Lady Wolves Win Big Vs. Maine East in the Regional Semifinals

By Nick Goldwyn

Junior Kathleen Hokl manuevers around a defender during the Regional Semifinal Girls' Basketball game against Maine East on Tuesday, Feb. 15. PHOTO BY Carolina Bedoya

The Maine East Blue Demons had a fast break; with a three-on-one and their guard driving the lane, it seemed sure they would score.  The basket wouldn’t have mattered, as the Wolves would end the half leading 39-11, but that didn’t stop guard junior Jewell Loyd. She took off from the three-point line pursuing the break, gaining speed at half court and cutting towards the right side of the lane. Loyd got to the Maine East’s basket before the Blue Demons did. Loyd and Maine East’s point guard both rose in the air, and Loyd knocked the the ball down for her third block of the night. Like that block, the game–which ended 60 to 25 in favor of the Wolves on Tuesday, Feb. 15–was a statement.

The Wolves played stifling defense the entire game (they only allowed two points in the third quarter), forcing Maine East into countless turnovers, and finishing on the other end of those turnovers. Spectators walked in expecting the game to be a dog fight, a close game at the very least, but it wasn’t. With fast break after fast break and steal after steal, the Lady Wolves pulled ahead early (they were up 23 to 8 after the first, and 52 to 13 after the third) and never looked back, winning the game even though all the starters sat on the bench the entire fourth quarter.

Their decisive, momentum-building win came in spite of the fact that Loyd was benched for most of the game. The Blue Demons brought a constant double team, whenever Loyd touched the ball, and held her in check. Loyd still managed to lead all scorers with 11 points though, proving that she can’t be stopped, but her opponents can only hope to contain her

Seniors Nicole Moy and Lauren Dijohn had nine and eight points respectively, and junior Liz Troyk added another four points to the victory.

Varsity coach Anthony Konsewicz characterized the big win as “a good win” saying that “it was momentum building,” and that “any type of momentum in the playoffs is a good thing.”

Varsity assistant coach Gregg Gierke added, “It was a very good balanced team performance,” saying that everyone, including girls who haven’t played as much got tons of playing time.

The Lady Wolves take on New Trier tonight at 7:30 in the Regional Championship.