Teachers to be Honored During You Make a Difference Breakfast

Teachers to be Honored During You Make a Difference Breakfast

By Rand Jassar

The You Make a Difference breakfast will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 4 at 7:30 a.m. in the Student Commons.

The purpose of the event is for students recognize a faculty or staff member who has made a difference in their life.

“That makes my year and I feel very honored. Who is going to deny that it’s nice to be nominated for an award?” nominated English teacher Michele Lewis said.

Senior Armeen Sayani explains why she took advantage of this event and the importance of it.

“I nominated Ms. Lewis because she is the type of teacher that this award was made for,” she said. “Every day, I walk into honors college prep knowing that I’m going to learn something useful but also have fun. Ms. Lewis’s constant encouraging attitude motivates everyone in the class to work harder. She never underestimates our abilities. I really encourage the students at West to take advantage of this event and nominate a teacher who has made a difference in their lives. Recognizing our teachers is the least we can do.”

Junior Wardah Arifi also believes that the event is important.

“I think that it lets the teachers know that students value them and their opinion,” she said.

Teachers nominated for the award are: Michele Lewis, Tayyaba Ahmed, Patricia Ference, Jessica Madigan, Scott AckmanAndrew Jeter, Andy Sinclair, Jean Attig, Razia Saleem, Justin Johnson, Ashour Dankha, Dana Kanswischer, John Zilewicz, Angela TzortzisLuisa KarimighovanlooDaniel Rusk, Michelle Hettinger, Angela HankesKatie OdellAlexis Matesi, Katie Kajmowicz, Fernando Perez, Esther Song, Andrew Suarez, Colleen Gogerty, Dena Litcherman and Dana Des Jardins.