Frozen Will Melt Your Heart

Frozen Will Melt Your Heart

By Gabrielle Abesamis

For the first time” since “Tangled”, an animated Disney princess movie has been built to perfection. If you grew up without these types of movies in your life, the chances are, you won’t appreciate Frozen at all. It’s full of outfit changes, romance, songs, and happy endings, just like every Disney movie.

“Frozen” is a story about two sisters who were once close but grew apart because of responsibilities that the older sister had to take. The younger sister, Anna, grew up clueless and eager for love and attention while the older one, Elsa, secluded herself and was afraid to face the world and her potentail to ruin her kingdom. Unlike all the others, “Frozen” reminds viewers of different morals. Disney princess movies have a tendency to encourage independence and perseverance, which “Frozen” also does, but in addition to that, the importance of sisterhood, the reality of falling in love, and awareness of realistic danger is really reiterated. Disney has evolved from evil stepmothers taking over the world with witch craft to realistic problems like family ties and unfaithful lovers.

Like always, Disney producers, directors, and writers have gone above and beyond with animation, appropriate suspense and comic relief, and clever word play. In this movie, Kristen Bell (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) really challenged her theatrical skills by showing the world her singing and voice acting skills as the lead princess.  With the voice of Idina Menzel  (Elphaba from the original Wicked production) as one of the princesses singing the main songs and the voice of comedian Josh Gad (1600 Penn) as Olaf the snow man, there is no reason that denies the fact that Disney has made another hit.

If you’re a Disney fan, watching this movie will be the best way to get in touch with your holiday spirit.

5/5 stars.