Breaking News: Water Main Break Causes School Closure Tuesday, Classes Resume Today

By Alyssa Guzman

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School was shut down yesterday due to two separate water main breaks that occurred over the course of a 10-hour window, according to principal Jason Ness.

School was closed Tuesday, Dec. 10 for all after school activities, athletic events, and practices.

Ness extended a special thank you to director of building and grounds Jerzy Siemienski and his crew for ensuring that school was ready to run today.

Along with Siemienski, assistant principal Mark Rigby, administrative assistant Judy Wheatman, and main office clerk Rich Constante were at the school early yesterday morning to assist with the building responsibilities.

“Maintenance did a great job fixing it so that we didn’t have to miss a lot of school,” Constante said. “Everything was fine inside the building, [the problems] were outside of the building. The school was eerie quiet because there were no students inside on a school day.”

The bathrooms in the second and third floor science wings (2400 and 3400) are currently closed for maintenance, according to Rigby.