Niles West to Host Family Fitness Night


The Cardio Lab Photo by Ivana Kosir

By Sarah Govis

Niles West’s Physical Welfare Department will hold Family Fitness Night Wednesday, Feb. 19 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the dance studio, cardio lab, and room 1605.

Families participating in Family Fitness night will rotate between the three rooms. In the dance studio, participants will work with a hip hop choreographer who has spent time in the past working with Beyonce. In the cardio lab, families will run a 3k together. In room 1605, families will take a course in healthy eating with the American Heart Association.

“We want to engage families to be a part of various aspects of fitness and include them in the courses and curriculum. We want to add enthusiasm as to why we should all live a healthy life and expose families to different types of avenues to what healthy living looks like,”  physical welfare director Joaquin Stephenson said.

Many students said they think the night will be a great way to promote physical activity.

“It sounds cool because you can do something instead of staying home for a day. You can feel good about getting out and moving around and having fun,” sophomore Susie Graves said.

Other students believe the night will benefit their friends and family greatly.

“It’s a great way to promote healthy exercise and fitness habits. Doing these activities while eating a healthy diet can help people compare what they do and how they eat on a daily basis to what they experience on Family Fitness Night,” sophomore Jazmyn Trinos said.