March Madness Art Show Decorates West

March Madness Art Show Decorates West

By Sarah Govis

Niles West will hold their annual March Madness Art Show throughout the rest of the month.

The show was created to showcase student’s work and celebrate National Youth Art Month. It gives the opportunity for many students to have their work shown throughout the school. The National Honors Society for Art will also participate and help plan the event.

“The student showcase uses twenty showcases around the school and gives everyone a chance to have a piece out during National Youth Art Month. We want to recognize the month and draw attention to the students art,” art instructor John Zilewicz said.

Several students believe this is a positive way for students to be recognized.

“It’s cool because students get their work shown. They get recognition and praise for being artsy rather than academic achievements. No one has to compete and they don’t have to meet a requirement; it’s confidence boosting. They don’t have to prove themselves,” sophomore Angella Ress said.

Others think it’s a great way to show how students express themselves.

“I’m really excited to see the artwork and how different people express themselves through their artwork,” sophomore Anna Chlopecki said.