Night of the ACES Canceled Due to Low Enrollment

By Ivana Kosir

Due to low enrollment, NWACE decided to cancel their social event planned for tonight.

The Night of the Aces is a lock-in for student athletes. The purpose is to promote camaraderie within the student athlete body by playing games, having various activities in the open gym, watching movies, and eating.

Some people said they were upset about the cancellation after all the work put into organizing it.

“It’s disappointing that it got canceled, because everybody worked hard to bring the athletes together. We’re going to try next year again,” said club sponsor Richard Costante.

NWACE members and student athletes who attended last year say they feel similarly.

“I thought it was cool [last year], because people got to play sports with their friends. It’s disappointing, because a lot of people could have signed up with their friends and have a good time,” said junior Lexi Leftakes.

“Some parts were fun, but other parts needed improvement like the very boring speaker. It’s disappointing, because they improved the boring parts,” said sophomore Shana Nissan.

Full refunds will be given to those who signed up and already paid.

Ivana Kosir contributed to this article.