Where Are You Going?: University of Chicago

Where Are You Going?: University of Chicago

By Gabrielle Abesamis

After first grade, when Esteban Gavilanez skipped over a grade, his academics and learning became his priority. He dedicated much of his free time to reading best selling books and doing research on the history and laws of science. In junior high Gavilanez started attending summer workshops and free seminars at local universities. He knew he wanted to belong to a higher level college institution, and he knew starting early was the way to go. Of all his university acceptances, he chose to commit to the University of Chicago.

NWN: Can you share your unweighted GPA and your ACT scores?

Gavilanez: I have an unweighted GPA of 3.7 and my ACT scores were 36 in math, 35 in science, 34 in reading, and 32 in English.

NWN: What kind of activities were you involved in before you applied to the school?

Gavilanez: I was in NHS, chem club, piano, research with Honeywell, independent projects, freshman mentoring, and gymnastics.

NWN: If you’ve visited the university, can you describe the campus?

Gavilanez: There was an overall sense of desire to learn, it just ebbed from all the classrooms and buildings. I loved it. Everyone there loved what they were studying and I couldn’t be any happier to be part of that group

NWN: What is your advice for future applicants?

Gavilanez: Be really passionate about what you want to study. They’re not looking for perfect students, they’re looking for students who love what they do.

NWN: What is your advice for students who don’t want to apply to their dream schools because they are too expensive?

Gavilanez: Try it anyways. The school gives out a lot of grants and scholarships. I have a full ride.

University of Chicago representatives will be at school tonight for the college fair.