Meet the New Lit Center Director: Michael Kucera

Meet the New Lit Center Director: Michael Kucera

By Sarah Govis

The new Lit Center director, Michael Kucera, is excited to be back to working with students. Before he came to Niles West, he worked as the assistant principal at Golder College Prep, a charter school in the city. As much as he enjoyed working there, he was never able to work with students.

“All of the work was with teachers, curriculum, and teaching. I had to make concerted efforts to to work with students,” he said.

Kucera took over as the Lit Center director when John Przekota became assistant director of humanities for social studies. Kucera is the assistant director of humanities for English, which includes overseeing the Lit Center.

All of his life, Kucera has been interested in pursuing a career in teaching. He couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

“I don’t remember not wanting to be a teacher. I can’t think of a time when I didn’t want to be a teacher,” he said.

Kucera said he is glad that his new job is in the Lit Center.

“I’m really excited,” he said. “It’s different. The position lets me have a little bit of everything that I love. I get to teach. I’m excited to be back working with students, organizing tutors. Students help students, I’m working with teachers and curriculum. It’s the best of everything.”

Teachers said they were excited to work with Kucera.

“I’m excited to have him as our new coordinator. It’s great to have somebody with fresh experience and perspective. So far it’s been great,” English teacher Kristen Jackson said.

Tutors also said they were looking forward to working with Kucera.

“It gives us a change of pace,” junior Carolyn Moy said.