BREAKING NEWS: Homecoming King & Queen Announced

BREAKING NEWS: Homecoming King & Queen Announced

By Vinny Kabat

This year’s homecoming king and queen have been announced. They are seniors Tommy Galanapoulos and Sherlina Chauhan, who found out along with the rest of Niles West during a brief homeroom assembly in the auditorium.

Galanapoulos is thrilled to keep a family tradition going. “It’s exciting and I’m just happy because my mom won and I can sort of say I followed in her footsteps,” he said, “because she graduated {from} Niles West and won [homecoming queen] her senior year.”

Chauhan took her coronation by surprise, but felt very privileged to be bestowed such an honor. “I’m so surprised and ecstatic and thankful!” she said. “It is one of the absolute coolest things knowing that you can be your weird, crazy self and people will appreciate you. Even if it’s not winning homecoming, you will find someone who sees the awesome person that you are. I hope someone can see this and realize that being their future self is the only thing they should spend their time doing, because they never know what things may come from it,” she added.

The dance takes place at Niles West on Saturday, Sept. 13 at 7:30 pm. Be sure to use the hashtag #nwnhc14 for a chance to win Ed Sheeran Tickets.