DM Hosts Annual T-Bay Fundraiser

By Colene Gibson

Dance Marathon is scheduled to host their annual T-Bay fundraiser the week of April 11-15 outside the Student Activities Center to benefit Refugee One.

This year’s T-Bay will feature items and events compliments of Niles West faculty and staff that will be auctioned off to the highest student bidder.  Events include a Portillo’s hot dog eating contest compliments of English teacher, Sharon Swanson, and Science teacher, Jayson Foster, will be auctioning off a mixed CD with the cover art being his high school yearbook picture.

“Last year we raised about $3,000-4,000, so we hope to be around there again or more would be awesome…it goes to a good cause, so it’s worth it,” said Dance Marathon Executive Committee member and senior  Becky Darling.

A few weeks ago, Dance Marathon’s PR members teased the event by posting fliers around school that said, “Hide your wife. Hide your kids. T-Bay’s coming,” but due to a lack of items donated by teachers, the event was postponed.  Last year there were about 60-70 items being auctioned off, but this year only about 25 had been submitted.

When asked about her plans about what to bid on, Darling said that she bought a parking pass last year and that she is looking forward to see what Science teacher, Ruth Gleicher, decides to submit.  In previous years, she has donated cooking lessons and a 50-mile bike ride.

The last day for bidding will be Friday, April 15.