District E-mails to Change

District E-mails to Change

By Vinny Kabat

District 219 e-mails will be changed this June in an effort to give students at feeder schools the chance to compile their work before starting high school.

“With the addition of District 69 to the Classrooms First initiative we have created K-12 Google Apps accounts for all students.  This account will follow students from elementary school through high school allowing students construct a comprehensive learning portfolio that they can keep with them through graduation,”District 219’s Chief Technology Officer, Guy Ballard, explained.

The e-mails, scheduled to be changed on Monday, Jun. 1, will follow the template ******@nilesk12.org.

Though seniors have been able to use their school e-mails up to one year after graduation in years past, Ballard said this year’s graduating class will need to make their own personal accounts upon graduating.

“This gives them time to transition their school Google accounts to a college or university account or a private Google account,” Ballard noted.
Directions on how to make a private google account, courtesy of Ballard, have been provided here: https://sites.google.com/a/d219.org/aal-help-desk/graduates-transfers?