Teacher Appreciation Week: Thank You, Mrs. Moscovitch


By Ena Sarancic

In my junior year of high school, I was, undesirably, bumped up into a higher level math course: FPC. I was terrified and had no idea what a unit circle even was. The first day of FPC I met Mrs. Natalie Moscovitch and immediately knew that this wasn’t going to be a teacher that I could just slide past with an easy A. I remember being so afraid of what the year was going to look like that I went up to Mrs. Moscovitch and asked if I could switch to just regular precalculus. She laughed and just said “Oh, so you’re the one who Mrs. Jukic recommended for this class. Yeah, you’re not dropping out. You’ll be fine.” As you can imagine, I was quite shocked and mad that I had to stick through this class for the entire year; however, FPC ended up being on of the most memorable classes that I have ever taken at West because of Mrs. Moscovitch.

Mrs. Moscovitch really takes time to work with each individual which I found really helpful and caring. She really helps make math more understandable and not just another foreign language. She’s equally as caring and helpful as she is funny. I remember one day she came in with a bunch of blue doughnuts because we were celebrating her brother having a baby boy. Without having Mrs. Moscovitch as a math teacher, I don’t think that I would ever like FPC as much as I did or even consider going into a career that is very math-heavy.

And this is all why I’d like to thank Mrs. Moscovitch for a wonderful junior year and for all the help and support with FPC throughout my senior year with my college recommendations and scholarship recommendation. I have yet to meet a teacher who pushed me to do well just as much as they joked around with me.