Meet Me in a Minute: Mr. Jason Stanford


By Sammy Butera

A couple of years ago you would find modern world history teacher Jason Stanford driving around in a Evanston police car.

“Becoming a police officer was always a dream of mine.Growing up my dad and uncle were police officers and from seeing them as I grew up I knew that one day I would want to do the same and become a police officer,” Stanford said.

After finding a job working for the police force and experiencing what police officers have to go through every day he knew that it wasn’t for him.

“The quality of life isn’t that good, you work long hours throughout the week and then have to work weekends,” Stanford said.

He wanted to have some sort of impact in the world and working as a police officer did not fulfill that hole so he left the police force to become a teacher.

Students praised Stanford for his ability to connect and inspire.

“Mr.Stanford is a very inspiring teacher not just in the classroom but outside as well. He has taught me a lot this school year and has really helped shape this school year to be a good one. He has also showed me that it’s never too late for a change,” freshman Sam Aljupoor said.

“Mr.Stanford has taught me a lot this year and I hope to continue to see him and have great teachers just like him in the future,” freshman Nicole Cardona said.

Stanford plans to continue teaching here at Niles West and keep making an impact on students. Besides teaching, Stanford is also the sponsor for Mock Trial and a sports enthusiast hoping that he can see the Chicago Bulls take home the championship this year.