Activities Fair to be Held Next Week


By Cameron Cassidy

This year Niles West Activities Fair Week will start on Monday, August 31st and run until Friday, September 4th, during all lunch periods outside of the cafeteria.

Activities Fair is a great chance for all students to see all of what West has to offer. Clubs open up many different opportunities for students, from forming new friendships to volunteering and much more. At each booth students will have the chance to get information on clubs they are interested in, and learn how to join.

“I think clubs make your high school experience better when you get connected with people that have the same interests as you. It gets you connected to the school and you get to meet other students you wouldn’t normally meet if you hadn’t joined a club,” student activities director Katie Odell said.

“I feel like activities fair fair is for people that don’t know what the school has to offer and it gives them a sneak peak of what there is in store,” said student Jessica Kranski.

Every year there are many new opportunities for students to become more involved throughout our school, and this year is no exception. This year many clubs have finally become official and are eagerly awaiting new members.

“Archery is an official club now, and step team, SOAR,  paintball, middle eastern club, UNICEF club, politics club and app development,” Odell said.
So come out to activities fair and at the very least stop by the NWN booth.