“Find Your Shovel” Assembly to Take Place Tomorrow


By Sarah Govis

Former pre-school teacher turned singer Davey Muise will be presenting “Find Your Shovel,” a presentation about digging yourself out of negativity, Wednesday, Sept. 16 in the auditorium. The school day will run on a double-a.m.-assembly schedule.

After last year, Niles West made the switch from the NAMES Assembly to “Find Your Shovel” which all grade levels will be attending the assembly at different times throughout the day.

Muise is the lead singer in the Boston-based hardcore band, Vanna. After growing up in a broken home and struggling with abandonment, he struggled with depression and substance abuse. However, Muise used music as a way to escape from his internal problems, and “found his shovel” — a way out of negativity and depression.

One of the goals of the assembly was to get all of the student body involved instead of just the freshman.

“I’m excited to bring a new vibe to the beginning of the school year and switch it up a bit,” student activities director Katie Odell said. “Something fresh is always nice.”

Upperclassmen are glad to be involved with the assembly again.

“It’s a good thing that we do this assembly because then kids come out and talk about bullying,” senior Emela Mehicevic said.

However, other students don’t think the change is positive.

“I feel like the NAMES Assembly was more personal because kids could talk about themselves, but this is one guy talking about his personal experiences,” senior Nikko Serano said.