8th Annual Review of Programs Discusses School Day

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8th Annual Review of Programs Discusses School Day

By Sana Kadir

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Niles North held the 8th Annual Review of Programs on Wednesday, Oct. 7.

Dr. Ryan McTague, principal of Niles North, opened up the town hall meeting by introducing Dr. Anne Roloff superintendent of curriculum. Roloff addressed the crowd by addressing the two main topics for discussion: the structure of the school day and online/blended learning.

Blended Learning: A mixture of face-to-face teaching and coursework done online.

School-Day Schedule: The three options of possible school-day schedules were discussed.

9-Period Day: Nine periods a day with 45 minute classes. There will be no homeroom.

8 Period Day: Eight periods which are 51 minutes each.

A/B Block Schedule: Two different schedules depending on the day. Four 90-minute classes one day, and the next day another four 90-minute classes. 

Many parents who attended the annual review event seemed upset about the A/B Block schedule but supported the 8-period day with 51-minute periods. The school board is considering a school-day change for the 2017-18 year.

Due to extended discussions about the school-day schedule, blended learning was not discussed.

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