Parent-Teacher Conferences to be Held Tomorrow


By Grace Geraghty

This year’s parent-teacher conferences, will be held at Niles West  Thursday, Oct. 29 from 4 PM to 8 PM, will provide the opportunity to discuss academic performance with parents who scheduled conferences.

This year’s event is set to be attended by around 750 parents. This percentage supports the goals of the administration: to give parents individual time to discuss their concerns for their individual student.

“The main goal is twofold,” assistant principal Mark Rigby said. “For each parent to learn individually how their student is doing in class, and also to meet their teacher one-on-one, and have more personal conversations about things [than they could at open house].”

Teachers are available for five-minute conferences with parents and their child, while counselors are also available. Social service workers can be seen on a drop-in basis.

Many parents have clashing opinions on parent teacher conferences. Some are staunch supporters.

“I have always attended conferences,” said Kendra Beard, whose daughter is junior Jessye Gassel. “I think they’re a meaningful way for parents to connect with their child’s teachers, and make sure that their student is supported.”

Other parents feel that conferences are unnecessary, especially for high-achieving students.

“I don’t feel the need to attend conferences unless my daughter is doing poorly in a class,” Nicole Cardamon, mother of senior Cameron Cassidy, said. “Once it becomes necessary, I will arrange to speak to the teacher.”

Thursday’s school day will operate under the parent-teacher conference schedule. Friday’s school day will operate as a late arrival.