Student Government Update


By George Panoutsos

On Monday, the Student Government executives held a meeting during which they discussed the agenda for Friday’s ECC meeting and the agenda for the upcoming Breakfast with the Board, which will be held on the morning of November 4.
On Wednesday, a normal meeting was held.  It was discussed that Student Government is going to have a Pop Sale on November 2, 9, 10, and 13.  It was also reminded that Student Government has to volunteer for Parent Teacher Conferences.
  A few new volunteer options were also brought up: helping on restoration day at the Grove, spending time with children with Leukemia during a carnival, and spending time with the elderly in Homestead, Morton Grove.
On Friday, the monthly Executive Coordinating Counsel was held.  Executives from Student Government and the Student Cabinets met with Principal Jason Ness and Assistant Principal Mark Rigby.  The meeting opened with every Cabinet giving an update of what they have been doing.  Many discussed their plans for volunteering and fundraising.
The bus app was then talked about.  If someone has trouble logging on, he or she may have to be walked through.  Most people appeared to be satisfied with the new app.  There have also have been talks about unpairing certain bus routes so that there would be less of them.  However, the change, if it were to happen, would not come until next year.
Student Government shared their plans for a Respect Campaign.  They talked about their meeting with the Deans last Friday.  It was agreed upon that the campaign would have to start simply by having students do little good actions that will hopefully start an overall chain of events that will lead to a change of culture in the school.  A few ideas were shared on how to begin the campaign and how to spread the word about it.  The Breakfast with the Board Agenda was discussed at the end of the meeting.
Please contact any government member, Mr. Wiemer, or Mr. Kucera with any questions or concerns.