Students Can Now Access Final Exam App


By Cameron Cassidy

As first semester comes to an end the inevitable problem of final exams comes up. With a final for every class remembering your schedule for the hectic week can be hard to do. Thankfully ten students of math teacher Matthew Fahrenbacher‘s programming class created an app that personalizes a schedule for each students final exams.

“A couple years ago when the final exam schedule changed a lot of students and teachers were confused about their new schedules so I wanted to do something to help them understand the new process,”  Fahrenbacher said.

Senior Hubiba Ali was the only girl that participated in creating the app for the classes final exam.

“We made it for practical use of coding that the school would be able to use. It was difficult because we had no guidelines on it and it was completely student done,” Ali said.

The app works by plugging in your ID number to create your schedule.

“I talked to my video game programming class and gave them a project that took them about a month in a half to complete. They had to figure out all the logistics for it and make a finished product that determined a students schedule based on their ID number,” Fahrenbacher said.

Dont forget to check your personalized schedule under final exam information in the student section of the Niles West website.