Student Government Update


By George Panoutsos

On Friday, December 11, Student Government and the Student Cabinets met with Assistant Principal Mark Rigby for the monthly ECC (Executive Coordinating Counsel) meeting.

At the start of the meeting, the Cabinets gave an update about what they have been doing.  Then, the issue was brought up about how food options became limited by seventh period.  This problem will be looked at and updated on soon.

Another topic was that of the students who after school have to wait for their bus a bit longer due to paired bus routes.  Unfortunately, no changes can be done about this during this school year because paired bus routes are part of the contract the school has with the bus company.

When the weather gets colder, students are always welcome to wait for their bus in the South Lobby. Student Government talked more about their Respect Campaign and asked for more ideas for it.

Another matter that was addressed was about forcing tissue boxes to be in every classroom.  This cannot be done, however, because of budgets that have been frozen.

A few new updates were discussed that dealt with safety.  A mechanism was put on the front doors so that they locked right at 8:20 am.  Anyone who needs to enter the building after that time needs to buzz in first.  Also, there was an update in security cameras.

If anyone had any topics that he or she would like to be discussed at a future ECC meeting, please contact one of the Student Government sponsors, Mr. Wiemer or Mr. Kucera, or any members of the club.
Good luck with finals!