Principal’s Recognition Award: Tim Petroulakis


By Katrina Nickell

Editor’s Note: This is the fifth in a series of 19 stories about last semester’s Principal’s Recognition Award winners who were recognized on Wednesday, Dec. 2 for outstanding achievement in specific programs. Senior Tim Petroulakis received the Engineering/Computer Science Business Education Award and was nominated by Mr. Tim Sullivan.

Every Tuesday and Wednesday, it can be guaranteed you will spot senior Tim Petroulakis in room 1520, otherwise more well known as, the engineering room.

Petroulakis has found a great passion for engineering and the open-mindedness of the craft.

“I love engineering because it allows me to try out all of my ideas and talk them over with others without judgment. I am able to design and plan anything imaginable that happens to interest me at the time,” Petroulakis said.

Petroulakis has been a part of Niles West’s engineering program since freshman year. He has participated in multiple engineering courses over these four years, is a member of engineering club, and a member of a national qualifying robotics team.

With a variety of participation in Applied Science and Technology department, it was no surprise that Petroulakis received this recognition, except to himself.

“I was very happy but a little confused as to what exactly I was nominated for,” Petroulakis said.

Petroulakis is very grateful for the opportunities he has had through the engineering department.

“The teachers in this department have been so helpful when other students and I are working on new ideas. The department as a whole has thought me lots of problem-solving strategies that help me overall,” he said,

While Petroulakis’ four-year engineering career may be over at West, he is certain it will continue at the college level.

“They [Niles West] also prepared me for engineering classes in college,” Petroulakis said. “I’m planning on attending college in pursuit of an industrial engineering degree.”


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