Student Government Update


By George Panoutsos

Student Government has been hard at work the past few weeks.

On Wednesday, Jan. 20, Student Government spoke about Curriculum Night, talked about issues to discuss at the upcoming Executive Coordinating Counsel meeting, and looked over a survey from the Board of Health and Wellness.

On Friday, Jan. 22, there was a split meeting.  One part of Student Government discussed T-shirts, volunteering, fundraising, and ECC.  The other half, the Respect Committee, did some more planning for the Respect Campaign.

On Friday, Jan. 29, executives from Student Government and Student Cabinet met with Principal Dr. Jason Ness and Assistant Principal Mark Rigby for the monthly ECC meeting.  It began with each cabinet giving an update.

Freshman Cabinet brought up how they fund-raised and asked their classmates if they had any issues.  Sophomore Cabinet has been fundraising as well.  Junior Cabinet has been planning prom, and Senior Cabinet has been fundraising for their class gift.  Student Government went on to talk about their volunteering events like the one at Homestead, and the one for the Leukemia Research Foundation.

They also talked about their Respect Campaign.  In terms of the issue dealing with food options running out during 7th period lunch, Organic Life is looking into the concern.  Another matter that was brought up was what students with homeroom lunch should do on days that there is no homeroom such as assembly days, late starts, etc.  Students who find themselves in this situation should bring their own food and eat in the classes that allow them to do so.

Finally, there was a discussion over a New York Times article that talked about the college admission process.  There was talk over how colleges like to see that students take leadership roles.  However, students have to also keep in mind that it is more important for them to go to a college that is a best fit for them than to get to a college just because it seems prestigious.

If anyone has any topics that he or she would like to be discussed at a future ECC meeting, please contact one of the Student Government sponsors, Mr. Matt Wiemer or Mr. Michael Kucera, or any members of the club.