TBay Auction to Begin Next Week

By Ivana Kosir

As the weather is starting to become more enjoyable and the Cubs start winning again, don’t you ever wish you had a new bike, some new music to listen to on your bike ride , or a new TV to watch the Cubs win? Or better yet, BE at the game to watch the Cubs win?

Well, even if you don’t, Dance Marathon is scheduled to host its annual TBay fundraiser for Refugee One starting on Monday, April 11 that will run through Friday, April 15.

The list is amazingly comprehensive; it virtually includes something anyone would want. And here it is:

  • 4 Upper Deck Tickets to a Cubs vs. Cardinals game on May 10 at 7:05 pm, courtesy of Mr. Oddo
  • Secret Tour of School, courtesy of Ms. Ogulnik
  • 2 Scooter Rides, courtesy of Mr. Osburn
  • Dessert for a Week, courtesy of the Lit Center
  • Yearly Parking Sticker, courtesy of Mr. Fowler
  • Tennis Match vs. the Current and Former Head Boys Tennis Coaches. Bring a friend is you think you can beat the best. Have you got the game? Courtesy of Mr. Wilson and Mr. Suarez
  • Books and Shoes ($50 GC to Barnes and Noble, $50 GC to DSW), courtesy of Ms. Cheng
  • Homemade Vegan Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, courtesy of Ms. Chandarana
  • Free ACT Prep, courtesy of Mr. Rusk
  • 1 Month of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lessons from Threshold Martial Arts, courtesy of Ms. Weitzel
  • 1 Free Month of Junior Jiu Jitsu, courtesy of Ms. Weitzel
  • A Hot-Dog-Eating Contest at Portillo’s, courtesy of Ms. Swanson
  • Cookie Cooking Lessons, courtesy of Ms. Gleicher
  • Mix CD with ’80s Hits, courtesy of Mr. Foster
  • Lunch for you and a friend, you may pick the place to order from, courtesy of Ms. Dunham
  • 1 Hour of Yoga with 3 Friends, courtesy of Ms. Chandarana
  • Guest Morning Announcer on NWN, courtesy of Ms. Lauer and Mr. Lueder
  • Rock Star Wrigley Field Parking- Up to 5 Games, courtesy of Mr. Conroy
  • Yoga Mat and Beginner DVD, courtesy of Ms. Kaye
  • 2 French movies, 2 bags of Popcorn, and 2 bottles of Orangina, courtesy of Ms. Walvoord
  • Dim Sum Brunch for 2, Brief Tour of Chinatown, courtesy of Mrs. Hsing
  • 2 Sox Tickets to the July 4th Game, courtesy of  Ms. Sosa
  • 10 Passes to Brookfield Zoo, courtesy of Ms. Chandarana
  • 4 1-hour Training Sessions, courtesy of Mr. Perez
  • Rock Star Parking Location, courtesy of Mr. Osburn
  • Rock Star Locker Location (for each grade), courtesy of Mr. Osburn
  • 19-inch Color TV with Remote, courtesy of Ms. Swanson
  • $50 Carlucci gift card, courtesy of  Ms. Kantor
  • “Heinz” Cookout for 10 (includes grilling food, beverage, and a sweet in the courtyard during a lunch period in May), courtesy of Mr. Heinz
  • Quintessential Movies of the ’80s (8 DVDs) and Movie Snack, courtesy of Ms. Rauser and Ms. Moscovitch
  • Action Movies of the ’80s (7 DVDs) and Movie Snack, courtesy of Ms. Rauser and Ms. Moscovitch
  • 2 AMC Movie Passes, Candy, and Popcorn, courtesy of Ms. Schnabel
  • 10th Row Floor Tickets to Taylor Swift on Wednesday, August 10, courtesy of Mr. Klingenberger
  • Cinnamon Roll Making Lessons, courtesy of Ms. Czupryna
  • Ultimate Chupacabra Experience, courtesy of Mr. Nowak
  • Private Voice Coaching for 1 period from Ms. Branahl, courtesy of Ms. Branahl
  • Eco-Friendly Gift Basket, courtesy of WHO Club
  • 26 inch New Light Purple Columbia bike, courtesy of Mrs. Foerch
  • Pen Twirling and Cookies, courtesy of Ms. Jarad
  • Mystery Box of Stuff, courtesy of Mr. Jodelka
  • College Survival Kit (for the peace loving activist), courtesy of Ms. Lichterman
  • Girl Scout Cookies (6 Boxes), courtesy of Ms. Lewis
  • Mystery Bag O’ Stuff: $50 worth, courtesy of Ms. Schram
  • Game of Floor Hockey (2), courtesy of Mr. Grais
  • Alison Check’s Famous Choco Chip Cookies, courtesy of Ms. Barker
  • Kindle and Kit-Kats, courtesy of the IRC
  • CD of German Music and a bag of Gummy Bears Bigger than your Head, courtesy of Ms. Ahearn
  • Vision Glasses Gift Certificate, courtesy of Mr. Bravos
  • Vegan Cake (Apple Bundt or Chocolate), courtesy of Ms. DesJardins
  • Vegetarian or Vegan Dinner for 6, courtesy of Ms. DesJardins
  • African Handmade Gift Basket, courtesy of Ms. Natzke

Check it out and be sure to bid for something!