Boys Gymnastics Preview

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Boys Gymnastics Preview

By Jane Kim

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The Boys Gymnastics team is very excited to kick off the new season with new talent emerging. There are big shoes that need to be filled, and the boys are excited to step up and perform at the top of their game.

The dynamics of the team have shifted as their top gymnast, Dalai Jamiyankhuu, will not be competing this season. Head Coach Adrian Batista and the varsity gymnasts will do what it takes to qualify for state and continue the tradition.

“Last year one of our gymnasts was a state all-around champion [Dalai] and probably the best high school gymnast in the state. This year we won’t have him competing for us, so that makes a big difference when your best gymnast is not there with you anymore. But, we’ve got some good talent with David Thai, Mitchell Byron, and Dimitru Mutul,” Batista said.

“We’ve got a lot of returning seniors and I’m looking to see how well we can do. We were very good last year sitting at third place in state, and we’re hoping to be top ten in the state this year. It’s going to take a lot of work,” Batista said.

Senior captain of the varsity team, David Thai, shares about his personal and team goals for the upcoming season.

“My personal goal is to make it to state finals in at least three events and to win rings this year, as in getting first place because I messed up last year. For the team, I want us to push to win conference and go to state again three years in a row,” Thai said.

Sophomore Anthony Ty, who is on the JV team, wants to be able to compete on the sectional team for varsity, and possibly make it to state.

Besides making it to state, senior Mitchell Byron and many others on the team are all very excited to compete with each other and make more memories.

“I’m already a big fan of this team. They are motivated, focused, and fun. I know they’ll get their head in the game and they know what they need to do to succeed so I’m looking forward to a good year and a great group of guys,” Batista said.

Their first meet is right around the corner on Saturday, Mar. 5 at Glenbard West. Also, be sure to watch the boys compete in their first home event of the season on Saturday Mar. 12.