Student Government to Host Cookies and Cocoa Event


By George Panoutsos

The Niles West student government will be hosting a “Cookies and Cocoa” event in the Student Commons Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at 7:30. This event is to help involve the student body and get ideas for student governments upcoming decisions..

Student government is enticing the Niles West student body to attend the event in attempt to find out what issues students have at Niles West that they would like to see changed.

Active Student government member junior David Hochberg said, “The Cookies and Cocoa campaign is a forum that we think is necessary to reach out to the student body, because we really want to see what policy changes and what students want to see happen in the future.”

Student Government would like to bring as many issues as they can to the upcoming Breakfast with the Board on Wednesday, Mar. 2, 2016.

“Students are invited to come for hot chocolate and cookies Tuesday morning.  During this time, student government will be asking for students’ issues to bring up to Breakfast with the Board,” junior Weronika Jozwiak said.

One of the biggest obstacles for student government this year is knowing exactly what the students want changed, and this event is a great way to communicate with the students of Niles West.

“We [student government] don’t know what the students want, so student government members will strike conversations with students jotting down what problems students want us to address to the school board,” Hochberg stated.

Not only is this a chance for students to share input, they are hoping to also show student government is representative of the student body wants and needs.

Student Government sponsor Matt Wiemer said, “It is an attempt to be more visible as the voice of the students and Niles West.”

Make sure to come out to the event to enjoy free cookies, hot chocolate and to tell student government members what policies you would like changed.