Niles West Theatre to put on Portraits: One Night Only

By Mara Shapiro

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Thursday, April 14 Niles West Theatre’s Advanced Theatre Studio Class is set to put on Portraits: One Night Only in the Black Box Theatre at 7:30 p.m..

Theatre director Andrew Sinclair says that every year the Advanced Theatre Studio Class puts on a Portraits show. This year’s theme is One Night Only, meaning that the actors will portray characters who they normally wouldn’t be cast as. This means that boys can play girls or actors can have different age groups.

“[One Night Only is] a collection of monologues, songs, and scenes. Things that are typically shown one way can be shown another,” Sinclair says.

Junior Quinn Lawson-Hall agrees with Sinclair.

“[People] will experience a different aspect of theatre that they probably didn’t know existed,” Lawson-Hall says.

The students that will be acting in Portraits: One Night Only are: sophomores Zach Murbark, Sarah Goldberg, and Monika Cieszynski;juniors Katie Buckley, Anahita Karimi, Quinn Lawson-Hall,and Rachel Flink; and seniors Sarah Hernandez, Aleks Krapivkin, Leah Hummel, Andrea Lupas, and Becca Levy.

“[Portraits is]  different and it’s original. [People will also be] support[ing] the fellow students of Niles West,” junior Anahita Karimi says.

The admission price is $5 for all ages.

“[It] gives a new perspective,” Sinclair says.