You Make a Difference Breakfast

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You Make a Difference Breakfast

By Cameron Cassidy

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This morning, Wednesday, March 16, students gathered in the commons for the You Make a Difference Breakfast.

For the past seven years teachers have been nominating students based on how they interact and make a difference with students in school and out of school within the community.

“Students receive a certificate stating why they were nominated, and with what was said about them by the nominator and of course the breakfast celebrating their achievement,” Judy Wheatman, coordinator of the event said.

Students within every department of the school were nominated. Junior Courtney Rosell was nominated for her work with the CEC kids by teachers Sandra Gold and Shaun Kennedy.

“Courtney comes into our class and works with all the kids in the pathway class and serves as a great role model. She’s a really great peer helper and very positive and the students like that interaction,” Gold said.

“Courtney is one of many peer helpers that we have, she was brought in by another student and has brought in others and we have close to 20 helpers now and she one of our great ones,” kennedy said.

Getting nominated for this opportunity is a very big deal for many students but especially Rosell.

“ I started volunteering at the beginning of second semester, I’ve become a lot happier since U started helping out with the CEC kids. They’re all so sweet and really fun to work with, I love being able to give back and help out,” Rosell said.

Along with Rosell here is a complete list of students nominated

Ashan Lodhika , Aiko Sekino, Alex Ehrenberg, Alex Gruezo, Ali Khan, Amanda Lee, Ammar Gaffar, Amy Ieremciuc, Andy Tenezaca, Antonia Schmidt, Bao-Tran Lee, Bethany Keith, Brandon Sanchez, Brian O’Connor, Claudia Andrea Adap, Deon Howard, Deven Damji, Dominik Vasilj, Edie Alvarado, Elijah Lancaster, Elmina Alic, Erik Cuturic, Georganne Couchell, George Panoutsos, Georgina Boudakh, Hannah Mubark, Harshil Damji, Isaiah Chauhan, James O Dell, Jamie Vinesar, Jasmine Dirks, Jasmine Herlo, Jason Morgan, Jensy Joseph, Johnny Pabst, Julianna Gil, Katherine Khoury, Kathleen Park, Kaylee Robinson, Kayleigh Plach, Kaylie Dyer, Kris Valentin, Lamia Chatriwala, Leonardo Cruz, Liam Berg, Madison Simkins, Margaret Holbrook, Mathew Velazquez, Michael Almaraz, Nicole Morais, Rebecca Chan, Robyn Antenor, Sana Kadir, Sarah Sundrani, Shakyra Brown, Skylar Le Vine, Tammy Wen, Vadym Scherba, Vincent Barszcz, and Vraj Schroff.