Meet Me In A Minute: Tiara Peralta


Tiara Peralta has lived in the same home since she was born, with the same people, give or take a few; her mother and little brother, her aunt, and both of her grandparents. You can imagine how much of a princess Peralta was made out to be in her home with so many parental figures around. Until her little brother was born, Peralta was the sole child in a family of five–now six–for 10 years. She had been the center of attention in her household for a long time and that doesn’t just go away. So when Peralta started having tell-tale signs of a thyroid problem—an issue her family has history with—like bulging eyes and rapid weight gain, Peralta’s family was the first to tell her to check it out.

The family members on Peralta’s mother’s side that have thyroid problems all have hyperthyroidism, the overproduction of thyroid hormones, whereas Peralta has hypothyroidism, the underproduction of thyroid hormones. When Peralta and her family found out she had thyroid cancer, it came as a shock; just one other family member had cancer and it was also in the thyroid gland.

“I couldn’t process it at first, but after many doctors told me that out of all the types of cancer that exist, thyroid cancer is the simplest one of all. They said that basically everyone who gets diagnosed with it survives. So that definitely calmed my nerves. After that, I was relaxed, which many people found surprising,” Peralta said.

No doubt Peralta’s support system at home was great as her surgery date came closer. Her mother, grandparents, and little brother all showed Peralta how much they loved her in their own way.

“My mom tried to act as normal as possible because I think she thought I was very sensitive, but she was super supportive and we got super close. My grandparents spoiled me even though it was totally unnecessary! But I loved the fact they always had me in mind. Adrian, my little brother, always was by my side and tried to act strong, but he was terrified. We got along extra well and I loved it. My friends were awesome. They always asked how I was feeling, and tried not to talk about it so much, and Im so grateful for that. I didn’t tell many people, but once other started finding out, people came in contact with me and kept my spirit up,” Peralta said.

But Peralta also got major support and strength from her friends who decided she didn’t have to stop having fun just because of it. Close friends and also fellow juniors Andrea Kirincic and Julia Stoia stuck by Peralta’s side since she got the news last semester and stayed there.

“Before she told me and Andrea she has cancer, she told us that her tumor was getting tested. I weirdly wasn’t paranoid or even worried, but instead I went home and prayed for her. While praying, I knew she had the cancer but I was content with it and asked God to do His will. She told us a few days later and it was my confirmation. Even now, seeing her come out of surgery happy and healthy I know whatever happens, she’s in God’s hands. As her friend I try to remind her of that as often as possible,” Stoia said.

Being there for Peralta and taking her out on trips to get donuts from the city and have some adventures are just part of the close friendship she shares with Stoia and Kirincic.

“What has happened has only effected us positively. We’ve grown so much closer and I see Tiara as a sister,” Kirincic said.

The feeling is most definitely mutual, appreciation for the two girls oozing out of Peralta.

“Andrea always comes over and brings food and always makes sure I’m okay. Julia is the best with advice and always invites me to church events which I appreciate so much. I spend every single day w them and our car rides are unforgettable,” she said.

Peralta had her operation, a total thyroidectomy, last week. Doctors removed the entire thyroid gland that had the cancer on it. Friends have visited her constantly and Peralta is now resting in her familiar bed at home with her family watching out for her.