Family Fitness Night to be Held Tomorrow


The Cardio Lab Photo by Ivana Kosir

By Kaylee Robinson

Niles West is scheduled to host Family Fitness Night on Wednesday, April 6 at 6 P.M. Each year, Niles West and Niles North take turns hosting this event.

The event is hosted by 10 teachers in the physical education department. The department hopes to get families involved in some of the same activities as their students.

“We want to bring families in so they can not only see the facilities, but also take part in an activity. We want our parents to experience what the students experience,” director of physical welfare Joaquin Stephenson said.

The department will have five facilities open for use for two hours. Niles West invites all ages to participate.

All of the neighboring park districts will be attending Family Fitness Night to promote their own activities for the upcoming summer camp season. There will be a minimum of two teachers at each station that will be helping families to answer any questions they might have. Before spring break, the Physical Welfare department mailed out 3,000 flyers promoting Family Fitness Night.

Two years ago, about 84 students and parents attended the event at West.

“We want to get more parents involved more than we had two years ago. And when parents actually partake in activities that there children are, I hope they realize that the program looks a lot different from their grandfather’s P.E class. This building our students are exposed to demonstrates a multitude of physical education experiences, hopefully in the end making fitness a lifelong activity,” Stephenson said.

Teachers appreciate being able to see their students interact with their families.

“I’ve been doing this for a few years now and it’s an enjoyable opportunity to see our students with their families,” physical welfare instructor Tony Konsewicz said.