The Truth About Feminisim


By Grace Geraghty

At the start of the school year, juniors Rida Yousuf and Lejla Vojnikovic formed the Niles West Feminism Club, dedicating to bringing awareness to and educating members on inter-sectional feminism. As the year is drawing to a close, Yousuf and Vojnikovic are grateful they could aid other students in their own evolution of feminist thinking. The Niles West News interviewed students on what feminism means to them.

“Feminism, by dictionary definition, is the equality- politically, socially, economically- of the sexes,” Yousuf said.

Vojnikovic explains that to her, feminism means being able to move forward and achieve goals by being provided with equal opportunities as others.

“But for us, it also means giving an equal opportunity to everyone, so that we all can start from the same place and reach our own goals in our own ways,” Vojnikovic said. “[feminism is] to have that opportunity, and that chance, to move forward in ways that we feel comfortable doing as an individual.”

Inclusive feminism is something the club prides itself on promoting. Club sponsor Jody Weatherington gave her views on feminism expanding to include all different types of people.

“Feminism to me means that we see all people at equal. Men and women, but also all races, all sexualities, all religions,” Weatherington said. “Feminism is more than just about women and men.”

Weatherington was also quick to name the multitude of benefits that stem from having a society where all people could truly be considered equals, as is the aim of inter-sectional feminism.

Emma Watson takes her campaign #HeforShe to twitter as she campaigns for gender equality.

“Feminism is important because in a community where men and women are working together towards common goals, everyone in the community will prosper. When some people are underprivileged, then the entire community loses some valuable resources,” she said. “Where there is actual equality an equity among all people, you see great things happening.”

Feminism has taken the world by storm, advocating for equal rights for both men and women. Celebrities like Emma Watson advocate for equal rights and breaking gender norms. The movement #HeforShe brings light to gender inequality, proving feminism is not only just a woman’s issue, but also a man’s.

Junior Adrian Micor also told why feminism is important to him, including how there are still barriers to women’s equality today.

“Feminism is important to me because throughout history women were always oppressed and held in inferiority just because they were women,” he said. “It’s important that they have equal rights now, especially since they aren’t getting equal pay now. It’s a lot of money lost, and it’s definitely something that should be fixed.”

To raise awareness on what feminism is and what it stand for, Fem club had partnered with student government in a tampon drive for the month of April. Students can donate feminine hygiene products in the student common to help support women without access to these products, such as homeless shelters. As the discussion on feminism continues to evolve, the Niles West feminists are remaining in discussion about what feminism means to them and its importance in everyone’s lives.