Principal’s Recognition: Jasmine Dirks


By Kaylee Robinson

Editor’s Note: This is the sixteenth in a series of 18 stories about this semester’s Principal’s Recognition Award winners who were recognized on Wednesday, April 20 for outstanding achievement in specific programs. Freshman Jasmine Dirks received the Athletics Award and was nominated by Ms. Terri Laux.

Freshman Jasmine Dirks has been a hot commodity at Niles West for the past couple of months. Dirks is a freshman on the varsity Gymnastics team that stood out this season as leader on the team when she qualified for the state meet. Not only did she compete, but she placed, 31st out of 62 places.

“I’m hoping that I make it next year for vault, I just have to train harder and then I’ll be able to place higher at state,” Dirks said.

To no one’s surprise, Dirks received the principal’s recognition award from Athletic Director, Kendall Griffin.

Jasmine has been a gymnast for 12 years now and although she still has three seasons left as a Niles West Wolve, she has already decided that competing at the college level is something she wants to do and will make it a goal she hopes to complete. The Niles West Girls Varsity Gymnastics team is very supportive of all of Jasmine’s accomplishments along with her family and friends and Head Coach of the gymnastics team, Susan Arcus.

“The Principal’s Recognition is supposed to be for a student who has overcome some adversity to achieve great things. That absolutely describes Jasmine. She has accomplished so much in a short period of time,” said Coach Arcus, “Being the first female freshman gymnast in Niles West history to qualify for the state meet as an individual is just the first of many wonderful things we expect from Jasmine!”

Even though gymnastics is one of her main priorities in her life, she says that it’s still important to her to make sure she’s doing well in her classes. A student athlete like Jasmine Dirks is what a real athlete at Niles West should look like. Even though she is only a freshman, she sets great examples for her older peers.

“It’s all good vibes, everyone continues to be supportive and kind and I couldn’t even begin to pay them back. My team has helped me on this long journey and I’m glad I’ll have them all around me again next year as I continue to grow as a gymnast,” Dirks said.

Throughout Jasmine’s freshman year, she has accomplished a lot and Mr. Griffin and her Coach wanted to recognize her in front of family and staff members on all of her hard work. Being recognized for this award has only made Jasmine want to work harder to become better for herself and for her team.

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