Principal’s Recognition: Sterling Mendez

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Principal’s Recognition: Sterling Mendez

By Sophia George

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Editor’s Note: This is the fourteenth in a series of 18 stories about this semester’s Principal’s Recognition Award winners who were recognized on Wednesday, April 20 for outstanding achievement in specific programs. Senior Sterling Mendez received the AIM (Achievement, Integrity, Motivation) Award and was nominated by Ms. Marie Grunst. 

Senior Sterling Mendez is an outstanding person who shows great integrity in everything he does. Sterling has overcome many obstacles and challenges in his life. Ms. Marie Grunst is the one person who made this award possible for Sterling to achieve.

“He has had many challenges in his life but nothing seems to slow him down. He continually faces them with the utmost determination and positive energy,” Grunst said.

Mendez has truly done everything in his power to make himself better as a person; he does not only better himself, but he makes others around him better as well. Sterling has an amazing attitude towards life in general and that’s what makes him fit this award perfectly.

“To say Sterling is a role model is an understatement. He’s the kind of student that makes you want to better yourself just because you’ve had the pleasure of spending time with him,” Grunst said.

Sterling believes that he didn’t do anything remarkable to receive the award. Everything he has done to receive this award are things he would do whether he is rewarded for it or not.

“I don’t feel as if I deserve this award because I do what I am expected to do. I don’t expect to be rewarded for things that I should be doing in everyday life. Although, being rewarded for things I should be doing isn’t a bad thing,” Mendez said.

Many people believe they deserve an award for doing something outstanding. You shouldn’t expect something in return for every remarkable action you make.

“As you can tell, Sterling didn’t do just one thing to make him stand out. It is his overall character, determination, positive attitude, and his caring qualities that set him apart from others. I felt he was well deserving of this award,” Grunst said.

Sterling has done many remarkable things that have gotten him to the point where he deserves this amazing award. This teaches many people that doing good deeds or just having a good attitude towards a lot of things can lead to noteworthy outcomes.

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