High Fidelity Aims Big

By Athena E. Hilentzaris

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Front Row (Left to Right): Tabby Hagopian, Kyla Pomer, Maggie Check, Agnes Krason, Vanessa Fleury. Middle Row: Delia Arciniega, Elizabeth Mangulabnan, Alison Check, Heasu Kim, Brittany Park, Christina Phillip. Top Row: Courtney Nielsen, Kristina Nguyen, Grace Kim, Bridgette Brill, Anna Nicolasin, Natalia Nodarse

High Fidelity director Kimberly Stromberg, otherwise known as “momma” to the girls, starts voice warm-ups as the girls settle down in their groups of first and second Sopranos and Altos. Stromberg plays one chord on the piano, and the girls hit the note on the dot, completing their warm-up A-Cappella.

Having such high expectations set by their contrast group Echo Effect (the A-Cappella group for boys that won first place at the Great Lakes Semifinal A-Capella Competition), the girls get down to business, inching closer to perfecting their first piece of music for their next performance: Voices Only, a total A-Cappella show held in the Black Box Theater Friday, May 20 at 7 p.m.

Not only do they want to steal the first place title from the boys, but talks of them entering the Sing-Off and X-Factor have been encountered.  Stromberg keeps the girls as focused as possible, since their competitions are just around the corner, and there is no time for them to slack off. These girls want to mark their name in the school’s history.

Having competed for the Semifinal A-Cappella Competition and the Sing-Off before, the young singers aren’t too worried about entering the competitions. Even with new members in the group, they sound better than ever.

“The returning members have done a great job of adapting to the new voice, and the new girls have been right on track with adjusting to the high standards of the group,” says Stromberg.

It’s not only about the competitions, though. The girls just enjoy being with their friends, who, by now, feel more like sisters.

“I feel like we are a family. We’re all really close,” says junior Bridgette Brill.  “Practically sisters.”

If you like singing A-Cappella and you’re a girl, then High Fidelity is for you. They girls are waiting to make new friends and create the best sound for their group.

“If singing is for you, you should definitely try out. Even if “trying out” scares you, it’s totally worth it. This group is great!” says junior Agnes Krason.