Preview: Bring Your Date to “Almost, Maine”


By Michelle Carrillo


For the last 12 years, the play “Almost, Maine” has reached hundreds of thousands of people and for the last three years, it has been the most produced play in American high schools.

On this Thursday, Friday and Saturday,  “Almost, Maine” is coming to Niles West high school. “Almost, Maine” is a play written by John Cariani, made up of nine shorter plays regarding the love and loss faced by residents of this “almost town” on one clear Friday night, in a town so far north of the United States it’s called “Almost, Maine.” Here at West, the students are working hard to get ready for their upcoming play. They have a very strong group of student actors, technicians, and adult designers.

“This play will make you laugh in many moments and will make a few audience members cry. There are moments that are very sincere and strong acting, and this is one of the coolest set and lighting designs I have seen,” Andrew Sinclair said.

“Almost, Maine” has a cast of 19 actors, with each student actor playing two different roles in order to be able to have more stage time. The reason that the Niles West Theatre crew chose this play is because they want the audience to have a family-friendly experience on the simple aspects of love.

“The date is a perfect ‘date night’ for anyone wanting to laugh, swoon, and see great acting. The technicians have created an awesome world of sets, costumes and lights,” Sinclair said.

So far, Sinclair says that the theatre crew is doing well preparing for their upcoming play, and do not have any major weaknesses. This play is sure to make much of the audience leave with a happy, positive feeling.

“Almost, Maine is such a heartwarming play because you watch a bunch of different colorful characters fall in and out of love. This play will make an audience laugh, cry, and say ‘aw’ out loud,” senior cast member Alissa Santana said.

Many more members of the crew have a good feeling about his play, loving it’s sweetness.

“It’s a very cute little play that consists of seven different versions of a story, which make it all the more interesting,” says senior Max Sorenson.

Come watch “Almost, Maine” this Thursday, Oct. 20 at 10:00 a.m.; Friday, Oct. 21; and Saturday, October 22 at 4:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.