It Happened.


By George Panoutsos

The Chicago Cubs are the 2016 World Series Champions. Let that sink in. After being thrown around on an emotional roller coaster, The Cubbies pulled through in a 10th inning fight until the end. This may very well have been the doing of the baseball gods smiling down on Progressive Field and sending a rain delay to Cleveland to shift the momentum away from Rajai Davis and The Indians.

In the bottom of the 9th inning, the city of Chicago held its breath after the game knotted at 6. The champagne carts wheeled out of the Cubs locker room, and everybody watching the game had glimmers of doubt coursing through their brains. Joe Maddon cool as a cucumber turned back to the locker room after the delay and when the tarp lifted, the heart of the lineup came out slamming.

The fans of Chicago witnessed one of the most exciting baseball games ever played. The Cubs came back in the World Series from a 3-1 deficit. After looking flat the first four games. Games five, six and seven the Cubs finally seemed to be functioning on all cylinders. The pitching was lights out, hitters were rallying, and everything seemed to come together.

Win or lose, the people of Chicago are hitting the streets and going nuts. The Cubs cracked a 108 year championship drought and the city responded accordingly. The curse of the billy goat has been broken and fans are partying like it’s 1908. Niles West Students believed in the hype, and are reaping the reward of victory.

“I am so overwhelmed with emotions, joy, happiness, ecstaticism, I’m just very excited. This win is so good for Chicago, it’s good for business, it’s good for the city, it’s good for everyone,” sophomore Sam Plusker said.

Some of the most loyal spectators are still in awe that the Cubs claim the title to the 2016 World Series Championship.

“I’m pretty ecstatic, I’m in a state of euphoria where I don’t know what’s real and what’s not. It took me a while to process that they just won the World Series, it’s pretty special and awesome. I’m so happy, “ senior baseball captain Bobby Lochner said.

Fans after the game were climbing on top of cars, street lamps and all mushed together in a mob of energy. The city can look forward to a historic celebration and the players will receive a hero’s welcome after pulling through in an extremely high stress game seven.

“I’m excited and relieved because they haven’t won in 108 years and the team has been trying so hard. It’s been a crazy season, and I am looking forward to the parade.” sophomore Briana Mitchell said.

The parade is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 4 and the parade is expected to emerge from Wrigley and make its way downtown to rally at Grant Park.  Two million people attended the Blackhawks parade, so we can only assume that the Cubs rally will be the most attended celebration in Chicago history.

Cubs fans, say goodbye to the constant heckling about never winning a World Series and being, “lovable losers.” This is the new era of baseball, and get ready for a dynasty to emerge.

Contributions to this story made by Christina Lappas