Meet Me in a Minute: Donya Richter

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Meet Me in a Minute: Donya Richter

By Divitya Vakil

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From the classroom to the basketball court, sophomore Donya Richter utilizes every second of her day by being involved in many activities. Freshman year was merely starting point, where Richter was involved with volleyball and basketball. However, this year she decided to exit her comfort zone and dive into new activities.

“I pride myself on being involved in uniquely different things, which was a goal of mine. I started out the year by trying tennis, something I’ve never done before” Richter said. “It was pretty cool, especially since I got to play second and third singles throughout the season. I came into it thinking that I would never actually play because I lacked the experience the other girls worked so hard to obtain, but I was met with quite a surprise. After that, I then went on to be Assistant to the Director in the Niles West production of Almost, Maine which also happened to be my very first show.”

With the amount and variety of activities that Richter loads her schedule with, she is pretty experienced with how to cope with stress.

“I’m very well aware of the fact that I’m not the first student to be enrolled in honors and AP classes while participating in extracurriculars, but I think I’ve been getting by decently, though I don’t get more than 5 hours of sleep on an average night,” Richter said. “High school is stressful, and balancing out everything can take its tolls, so taking a moment to breathe is crucial to surviving.”

One of Richter’s classmates, sophomore Iris Glogic, commends Richter for being an inquisitive student.

“Donya is very outgoing and easy to talk to,” Glogic said. “She’s also really smart but humble about it. She’s never shied away from asking questions in class.”

Not only has Richter learned from the classroom, but Richter admits that she has learned quite a few lessons about teamwork and friendship from her extracurriculars.

“So far, Niles West has given me a newfound insight on how the real life works. As unfortunate as it may seem, not everyone will like you, you won’t like everyone, and not everything is going to get handed to you,” Richter said. “But on the upside, I’ve learned a lot about friendships from West, and making new ones was definitely the best thing that happened. I have friends from each activity I do, and they have supported me no matter what and have really helped with my confidence.”

Sophomore Nerina Alic, one of Richter’s basketball teammates, respects her work ethic more than anything else.

“She [Richter] is so hardworking, pushing herself throughout all of our practices, and it really shows in our games,” Alic said. “She not only has talent but the teamwork, contributing to our ‘dream team’ on the court.”

Freshman and younger sister Hana Richter is constantly amazed by the level of commitment that her sister puts into every aspect of her life.

“I am extremely proud of Donya and her accomplishments. She is taking all honors classes and AP classes and has managed to handle that with sports,” Richter said. “She has done well and has put a lot of hard work and commitment into doing well in both of those. Donya has shocked me with all of this because she is very dedicated and organized.”

You can find Richter involved in the school at almost any hour. Her plans for the future are huge, as she aspires to become a CIA Clandestine Services Operating Officer someday. Although Richter is involved in many activities, she doesn’t stretch herself thin, and instead puts quality, hard work, and care into every new thing she tries.