Annual Winter Art Show Moved to Hallway Exhibition

Annual Winter Art Show Moved to Hallway Exhibition

By Nirvana Meseljevic

With the Winter Art Exhibition right around the corner, the fine arts students have been preparing their work yet again in hopes of being showcased. The recent pieces and work chosen by the teachers in the fine arts department are submitted into the show to display what they consider students’ best work at the moment.

This is something art students look forward to all year because they get to show the artwork that they put their most time and effort to in hopes of receiving an award, such as the Gold Key. With the Scholastic submissions being around the same time as the winter art show, the pieces in the winter exhibition will most likely be found along with the Scholastic work as well.

Senior Jenna Moore has been involved with the art shows for a while now, and this year is yet another year that she will be participating.

“The AP kids are working on their portfolios such as their breadth and conditioning meaning that any of the strong pieces they create with their concentration, for example, will most likely be show cased at the show,” Moore said.

This year though, the teachers have decided to change things up a bit.

“We are actually changing things up this year. Instead of having an actual art show in the gallery the art will be displaying in all the cases throughout the school,” photography teacher Deanna Sortino said. 
Sortino has a goal of displaying at least one piece of artwork per art student. Students in the Art Foundations, Ceramics, Photo 1, Drawing/Painting, Advanced Studio Art, Advanced 2-D Art, and AP Studio Art classes are all taking part in the show, and the work will be up until the end of the semester.
“The AP students’ work is really intriguing because they are starting to develop their concentrations.  Most of the AP students have also had art for four years, so you see a different caliber of artwork with them.  They are thinking more independently and started to develop their artistic voice in their artwork,” Sortino said.
Art students are already preparing what artwork they want displayed and are continuing to work their hardest on the pieces they want to win an award on.
“I think that the shows show creativity that resides in the Niles West student body and the passion behind the pieces is evident. Art is a great way to let out my emotions in a creative way and express my thoughts in an abstract manor,” senior Kashif Khan said.
What makes the building foundations art show different than other art shows is the fact that you will see artwork from all the classes from first semester represented in the hallway, whereas in the Dia De Los Muertos art show only a few classes had projects included.
Students are guaranteed to see all types of artwork on display starting December 1 — anything from basic digital photos to 3D sculptures all throughout the halls of West.