Meet Me in a Minute: Shawn Campbell


By Lisa Jahjah

When you think about what “normal” looks like in high school, you would expect to find a sixteen-year-old boy on the football, basketball, or baseball team. But what about a boy on the football team who also wants to major in fashion?

Junior Shawn Campbell is not someone you might call an ‘average high school boy.’ Aside from his athletics achievement and his position on the football team, Campbell’s interests include fashion and clothing design.

“People express themselves in different ways, like poetry, music, or art. My way is fashion because it’s who I am,” Campbell said.

In the near future, Campbell sees himself designing his own clothes, as well as wearing and even manufacturing them. He hopes to major and get a degree in engineering so that he can have enough support and overhead to even profit from his fashion line(s), and also as a backup plan.

When Campbell first began designing clothes, it was merely for fun and stemmed from boredom, but it soon evolved into a great interest that he now hopes to pursue for the rest of his life.

“Fashion and making clothing was more of a hobby at first, and then it became a lifestyle,” Campbell said.

To Campbell’s parents, the way he dresses isn’t the standard “tucked-in, button up shirt,” which is what they would much rather see him wear. In their eyes, the way he dresses isn’t as respectable as the way they would like him to present himself.

Despite the clash of opinions, Campbell’s teammates and coaches think that he should follow through with fashion because his passion is evident and displays how much he enjoys it. 

“Shawn always finds a way to stand out, from his crazy socks on the field to his “Yeezy” type style everywhere else,” junior and teammate Joseph Park said.

Campbell always tries to incorporate fashion, even when it comes to the football field.

“I have even gotten compliments on my socks on the field, about how they’re the most stylish. I think style matters from the head to the toe,” Campbell said.

Not only on the field but in the classroom and halls, Campbell stands out for his divergent fashion sense.

“If I ever need help with an outfit, Shawn is always the first person I can ask because he always knows how to complete a look,” junior and friend Jonell Moore said.

Campbell has already designed and created pants, sweaters, and much more. His favorite item he designed was a hat. Shawn has received many compliments and recommendations to go into fashion, and he hopes to challenge stereotypes and setbacks to follow his dreams.