Annual Holiday Concert to Be Held Tonight


By Tristan Nush

Every year, the performance arts, like band, orchestra, choir, etc., practice for a seasonal concert. Band’s upcoming concert is the winter Holiday Concert. They perform pieces that range from cultures and religion, not exclusively being a Christmas themed concert.

The band concert will be putting a variety of music sprinkled in with the holiday theme,
according to the band director Justin Johnson.

“I purposely stay away from playing only Christmas music because not everybody celebrates Christmas, and with our school being so diverse with so many different cultures here, I feel like that’s an opportunity for us to stay away, so no one feels slighted if we play only Christmas music; otherwise, for the people who don’t believe in Christmas we would have to try and please them, and that’s not practical. So, I pick the music like it’s a regular concert although we do play some holiday tunes here and there,” Johnson said.

The diversity in the show doesn’t go unnoticed and some band members are very appreciative of this. Echoing Johnson’s remark on the diversity of our school, senior Gregory Leftakes wouldn’t change a thing about the band’s selection.

“The audience can tell that our band is a mix of races, culture, and ethnicity so I think it’s important that the Holiday Concert is all inclusive and keeps the students in mind,” Leftakes said.

Although they have had less time to prepare for the winter concert due to the fall concert being so late, Johnson believes they are ready.

“Just like everything we do I hope people take pride in their work and when we perform in concerts it’s like a test and that’s where you have to show your knowledge,” Johnson said.

The concert will contain severything band members including sophomore percussionist Dario Susnjar who is very excited about the concert.

“This concert is a pretty big deal; the entire band has been working really hard to prepare for it. This is our chance to show people all of our hard work by playing for them at the concert. “ said Susnjar.

The concert is free to attend and Dairy Queen blizzards are served to help funding. The show will begin at 6:30 on December 6th in the Auditorium.