Student Registration Beginning Next Week

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Student Registration Beginning Next Week

By Erin Kaihara

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Next week marks the beginning of student registration for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year. During these registration days, each student will be assigned a certain time to meet with their counselor to select their classes for the following year.

To make this process easier, many guidance counselors, including Benjamin Grais, recommend that students should come to their meetings prepared.

“Students should plan ahead of time for their counselor meeting. They should have a general idea of classes and their choice of electives,” Grais said. “Before the meeting, students should review their 4-year plan and the online coursebook to know which electives to select.”

For many juniors, choosing senior year classes can be a bit stressful, especially as they look forward to their post-high school plans.

“I am super excited for next year and I can’t wait to be in the classes I’m planning to take. I’m taking classes that will help me focus on my future and the career I’m choosing to pursue,” junior Daniella Rodriguez said.

Other students, like freshman Stana Crnomarkovic, see student registration as more of a burden than an enjoyable time, due to still having to take required courses, which takes the fun out of getting to choose classes.

“I’m not really excited for next year because even though I still get to choose the classes that I want, I still have to take required classes for the credit,” Crnomarkovic said.

Student registration will end on Tuesday, Jan. 31, and registration for incoming freshman will begin the following day. If you are attending West next year, make sure you go to your scheduled appointment to meet with your counselor. If you want to make any changes to your schedule, you must do so before Friday, Feb. 17. After this date, only level changes approved by teachers and directors will be made.