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Winter X-Games: Underrated Sports


Twice a year, during the summer and winter, the X Games occur. The Winter X Games consist of various sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling, and they constantly change. Athletes compete and receive medals just like how it’s done in the Olympics, as well as a cash prize based off of how well the athlete does.

This year, the Winter X Games will take place in Aspen, Colorado from Jan. 26 through 29. Although the event has been going on for 15 years, many people are unaware that the X Games even exist.

“I know that it’s a sport competition, but I’m not really sure what sport and what the logistics of it are. I wish it was advertised more, then I’d maybe me more aware of what it was and when it was happening,” sophomore Emily Mendieta said.

Sophomore Zeshan Sukahara believes that if the X Games had more well-known athletes who were publicized better, people would be more eager to learn about it and watch.

“I think people don’t know about the X Games because they don’t have a star player. For example, in the NBA they have Lebron and Steph and people recognize them, but in the X Games nobody knows the people who are participating,” Sukahara said.

On the other hand, sophomore Simon Shamoon is aware of what the X Games are about.

“I’ve never watched them, but I know that it’s a competition for events like snowboarding. I’m not sure how I found out about it other than just seeing some advertisements around,” Shamoon said.

Be sure to watch the X Games on ESPN starting this Thursday, Jan. 26.

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